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Blogging is one of the greatest things on the internet today. Many people have come to accept the fact that blogging has come to stay; and  many of us have been loyal followers of blogs or website of  our interest.

The beauty of blog post is that we the readers get to know you by your post. Looking at the billions of blog post on the web to day you will be intimidated in making your own great entry into the world of blogosphere. the challenge now comes with writing your blog posts.

Signs That You Are Writing Great Blog Posts on Your Blog

Your Commenter:

The easiest way to understand how effective you have been in your online business as regard to you blog post is to check the number of people making comments. The number alone will tell you how well your post is making good audience. If you have not gotten any comment on your blog yet, it doesn’t mean that you are doing things in the wrong direction, it does mean that you need to do some skillful adjustment to your blog post. Part of the entrepreneur’s creed is that you need to have great communication skill and as you know the major way that we bloggers communicate is through writing of our blog posts, so as you will want to have great communication skill as a speaker in your business, so also you need to develop your writing skills. The comment box will help you to understand who well you are doing. check out reasons why readers make comments on our blog

Quality of Comments:

Apart from your post, you will also have a better view of you post when you get to view the comments on your post as a way of readers saying this is my observation of your blog (even when it comes in form of questions). The readers view is your bench mark for assessing yourself.

What you Need to Consider when Preparing for your Blog Post

Though we all wright from different experiences, but we share the following points or attitudes when it comes to blogging.  The world of the web sees you with the eyes of your blog posts

Consider your Area of Strength:

In as much as a I love writing, there are some niches that I have come to love and can easily pick my pen and write something on any topic that may be convenient (have enough point) for me at that time. You may wonder why things have become so difficult for your online business, how unsuccessful you have been with your blog or website? If yes then you have to consider your area of strength, what I mean by area of strength is this, everybody knows what they love to read, learn and write about and there is this passion for that thing to be expressed. You need to build your internet business on that area where you will stay longer in the stage of waiting for your business to start rewarding your effort (if you have an online business, you will understand this part for it has been by own experience.)

Schedule Yourself:

This may sound like the old school style of making you to have a timetable but in essence it is important for you to understand that you are not playing with your business and to become an authority in your niche within your sphere of influence you need to have a great time schedule that you are working with, this will help you to put of those hard days when writing will be a challenge and it will also help you to have a good time out to think through your post before making the wright ups. Know this that I will only comment on what you have posted on your blog, so make great post and enjoy the avalanche of readers coming to you.

Write with a Solution in Mind:

unless you are running a fun blog , your online business website or blog should not be a place for fun catching, at least for a start, you should make it your business and work it out until it succeeds then you can now think of fun. I am not saying don’t enjoy yourself rather your readers should not perceive that you are an unserious entrepreneur who is becoming slack to your work. I believe no serious business person even in the brick and mortar business will dear try that, so also you should not dear becoming playful especially in your post. Business is businesses see that way and you will be on your way up to hitting you vision for your online business.

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