Can you do without the internet? Aren’t we going more into the internet day after day? Our world has gradually emerged into what we normally refer to as ‘global village’. The internet activity all started with a lot of skeptics but today we have accepted its reality as normal. If you ever meet anyone that tells you that he doesn’t use the internet; how would you look at that person, wouldn’t you feel that that person has been left behind? Do you know that not the numbers of internet users is increasing at a very high rate?
The major social networking site and companies have brought many to the internet and the rate of increase of the online rate business is gradually pushing towards having the internet as our market place; in fact the internet world is competing with the orthodox market place and may eventually take over in the future. Also the formal mode of advertising on television and radio has been greatly affected by the internet marketing system for example the social networking sites are the major advertising outlet in the world today and many more may emerge in the near future.
Chatting today is the common way of communicating with ourselves apart from the normal phone calling system.
These connections popularly known as the internet and website are works of individual, businesses, corporate bodies and government.
Since we are daily becoming more connected than ever and the surge of this connection seems to have no ending, what does the future looks like in the way we might be connecting with each other? Every form of connection that you make is a form of marketing and part of the needed skill in the all profession and careers in the world is having marketing as its head point. Today, jobs are searched for online, credentials are delivered online and your profile can be accessed by your partner in business or you employer. Google has become the search portal for the identity and profile of people. Is this not pointing to the fact that when you don’t have any profile on the internet you will be termed as left behind? This is not an issue of completion but a direct proof that we have reconnected the world and people and if you have a presence on this platform (internet) you will be reached by anyone in the world at any time. This the reason why you need a blog or website; check the points below
The following are the reason why you need a website or blog
1. Identity: one element of communication is identity
2. Marketing: we are at all making connection at various occasions, which is the foundation of marketing. When you have a website or blog you can easily connect with people with an identity
3. The future is open to those that will be more  connected to the internet.
4. your personal portal.

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