why did you stop chasing the idea of making money online?

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I can imagine what will be running through you mind, you may have been part of those group of eager money chaser that came to the internet but left with utter dismay at the failure they encounter

The truth is that nothing good in life really comes easy, my surprise is that even if we know this there are still some that will opt for the easy road.

I read a book called the road less travelled, one great lesson from that book is that the road less travelled is the road that many people seems to want to go through but many will never want to dear to start their journey through that road; that is the reason why we have few people travelling through that road.

I was not surprise when I found out that 20 percent of the people living on earth control the massive wealth that you hear on our various news channels. And when it comes to running online business, the same logic still applies. The pro are making money why the remaining average bloggers are just managing things.

Back to the question ‘why did you choose to stop chasing making money online?’

Some of the reasons why many stop their quest including the following points

  1. Insufficient knowledge: knowledge is the potential to have power, if you are not well armed with it, the road less traveled which happens to be the express road for the pro blogger will become an illusion for you. Knowledge only gets you wired for the hitches ahead. Anyone traveling through an uncharted territory will always find it difficult, unless he must have passed through that road before or else you should go with someone that knows the way. This brings me to the second point
  2. No mentorship: it is common today to find someone just starting out their own are online business without even asking those at are ahead of them. I must confess that I also had the same problem when I started out, it cost me a lot, from wasted time to wasted data bundle because i was moving form pillars to pole. Until I decide to follow some bid names in my niche. That was when I finally rested my head.
  3. Freebies: if you are a professor of freebies, then you should kindly stop reading this post because you may not like what I am going to say about the chaser of freebies. The word free is a marketing idea that is used to get a potential customer to take action in their offers. But free is now closely related to making online because everybody thinks because you can log into the internet from your bedroom, it now means your online business should be run on the idea that you are going to start with free things. I am not saying you can’t get free things on the internet for your online business, what I am really saying is that you will not become a pro blogger for long if you still maintained that the idea of freebies. Even Linda had to change from blogger to her own self hosted website.

I can boldly say that the freebies chaser have not come to terms with the demand of business. Real business demands investment of your real cash not to even to mention your time investment demand.

You may regard your online business as a business or you call it whatever you feel it should be. I have stopped using the phrase ‘I am a blogger’; the reason is because the word that comes out of my mouth seems to come from the depth of my thinking. So failure is a thought and success is also thought, they only translate into actions that lead to the desired en result.


Do you know why people stop chasing their online dream? Share into the common box below.



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