Why Content Mill Could be a Big Mistake

Starting a business in an environment where real business is not permitted could be a sign up for failure; This is what I quite understand about some notable content mill available today.

Content Mill

What breaks my heart is the fact that many  freelance writers that are trooping into the content mill still do not understand the value of the work they are doing. Value is equal to money and your time should be highly appreciated.

In entrepreneur’s creed we believe that you should take your freelance writing service as a business and get all the necessary  business kills and tools that will enhance your work.

I always believe that every new freelance writer that is serious about freelance writing has a lot of potential to share with the world, if only they don’t get stuck in the present day content mill.

I am going to suggest some challenges that you may face in the content mill.

Why Content Mill Could be a Big Mistake

It’s a Job: It does not give you room to work as a full business, rather it places you as an employee

Lack of Control: Been a full employee means you have no control over some vital side of your freelance writing like rating, and control of your time. It is either you are doing clients work for a small fee or busy chasing jobs along side  other freelance writers

Sharing Profit: You are at the mercy of the content mill revenue sharing ratio. It either you accept it or leave it, I am sure sticking to them means accepting it.

Suspension: The rules are real, you will get ban if you decided to violate the rules.

Stiff Competition: competition is quite tough on the content mil because there are few jobs to large number of freelance writers.

But writing for them can give you an experience,on the other hand there are some lessons that you can learn as you make use of the content mill find it here.

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Josh S. Doye is a business developer, freelance content marketer. you can contact him for more enquiry via the contact page on this blog.

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