what to Quickly Learn from Content Mill

I have read over many information portal about the evil of content mill, my personal experience with one of them is enough to see what I have heard from other bloggers.

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I am not here to refute the claims rather I am here to briefly share the lessons I have  learned.

First, my experience might be different from yours and you may have had better success than me, may be you can share yours in the comment box below. Sharing my experience will help you understand why we don’t do anytime  less than business on this blog even elsewhere.

What to Quickly Learn from Content Mill

What I Learned from working in one of the popular content mill today.

Poor Pay. I know how difficult it is to say this, but I would rather be an independent contractor working for firms that I can negotiate better price for my service than get stuck in a content mill that will suck the strengths out of me and give me far less than I expected in return. Time is money and every successful business owners quite understand this part of their business.

Competition: The content mill market is so saturated that I can even say it is more saturated than the unemployment rate of many nation. This has helped me to see some facts of life which includes, how to fight for you own place. This understanding is invaluable when it comes to marketing.

Marketing: You will never understand the toughness of marketing until you experience stiff competition for one or two jobs. This is where I learned how to pitch or propose to potential clients and how to tailor my writing to the needs of others considering the length and ease of reading.

Rules: You must abide by the rule of the owners of the content mill, and as you may know, you can get suspended if any of their rules of policy is broken by you. How does this help you in your business journey? It will make you understand what it means to set the rules, since you must have passed through one yourself. There are principles in business that you are expected to obey  if you must go far.

Employee. I came to feel what it means to be an employee of someone who will rather pay you little or wish you do it for him for free( if its possible). This has helped me to review how I treat staffs that work in various businesses.


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Josh S. Doye is a business developer, freelance content marketer. you can contact him for more enquiry via the contact page on this blog.
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