What really constitute entrepreneurship?

                                                     “Do you know that you are an entrepreneur?”

What is entrepreneurship?

Why  you are an entrepreneur?

Human are design by default to create things around them; you can see this in all areas of our life and the only word that we have used to express the innate desire is the word ‘change’. Change has led to the pursuit of ‘growth’ both at national and personal level.

                                                                   “change is the forerunner of growth

These two words have led to the discovery of more potential business ventures and the creative conversion of idea into great products. Entrepreneurship is the discovery of your capabilities as it relates to the environmental circumstance around you. The circumstance surrounding  you can be the problem that needs to be solved with your gift (inherent potential).  Basically we all have gifts and talents that gives us our uniqueness and also enables us to have access to the solution of some discovered problem around us . Microsoft, Apple computers have done well in revolutionizing the way we interact with each other today, this was a problem before they came and solved it. Social networks have brought us more into the reality of the global village experience than ever. Better ways of doing businesses have been created and innovation is ongoing. This  transformation is as a result of entrepreneurship. Therefore an entrepreneur is someone that creates values that is converted to product and are been sold in the market place of life. You do not need to be a founder in order to be an entrepreneur, you only need to discover your gift; and it only takes you to discover your gift and apply the principle of change and growth, then convert it to products that you can sell in the market. This value has different form, at best we can say it is as much as the number of humans living on the earth.

Who you are is the defining line of the value that you are given to humanity. I hope to see your value someday.


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