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I hear a lot of people say ‘I want to make money online ’, what then comes to my mind is that ‘I how this fellow really understand what he is saying?’ there are many people have started their own online business and really have run out of the internet world due to the fact that they got the idea wrong in the first place, I was like that. In fact I never knew it would take me quite some months before I can even see the light of a penny in my account.

Yes many pro bloggers including myself will say that starting your online business demands you full attention, I think what they really don’t tell many newbies is some of the soft secrete to blogging. This may not sound like a secret, but if you use it, it will be to your own advantage.

Part of the reason why many would-be internet bloggers don’t find it easy is because they haven’t places their mind on the following factors that truly makes you feel the aura of you online business around you.

  1. What do you call your online business?
  2. What do you call yourself in relation to your online business?
  3. How do you see your service and products?
  4. Is your online business fun or death trap?

Looking at the above question you will get to understand that some of our involuntary attitude actually has an impact on us and makes us into what we regard our business activities to be. I have really experienced this on my journey of having the bliss of the dot come life style. When I started out I always tell friends that I am a blogger and when they ask ‘what do you do on the internet?’ My answer is usually ‘I blog’ with this kind of talk, it became I apparent to be later that I really did not define what I was doing. I could not tell anyone what I was selling on my blog.

What you call you blog it will become at the end. You need to regard you blog as a business and call it so. Always tell people that you are a doing business online unless you are blogging for fun (and wasting you fruitful time).

Don’t make your second name to be ‘a blogger’. The words can be used when writing post but let it remain there. What you call your self makes your attitude and approach towards your online business either a reality or a failure.

You should understand that you product should be the most cherish part of your blogging venture. When I started, believe I did not really take this part serious until I hit my first dept (accrued from the cost of running the blog), that was when I realized that I was just catching fun instead of running a business. You product or service is the only reason why you call your website/blog a business or else I can just say that you are out to catch fun.

Everything in life becomes fun when it really becomes successful. So many pro bloggers will say today that they are catching fun, yes they are because they have taken the time to put what they are supposed to put in place and part of that are the question mentioned above.

Just think about these things

Thanks for your time.


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