Do You Understand the Importance of Reading?

importance of readingHave you ever sat down and asked yourself, why do I need to read? As obvious as this  simple question is,I seldom ask myself this simple question but its importance cannot be over emphasize. This post caught my attention, that is why i decided to put it up on entrepreneur’s creed for just one reason; and the reason is as simple as your knowing the difference between black and white.

The reason for writing the importance of reading is simply because in today’s world, almost 90% of the successful entrepreneurs are understand the place of books, they don’t believe that they have reached the peak of study, in other words they are students for life.

I have decided to put this up for you to understand why it is important to continue reading especially on the subject matters that forms the foundation of your business. This post is was written  for entrepreneurs you can still apply the lessons to other areas of your life.

Before we continue, we need to answer the question why do many people stop reading after school? This question has as many answer to it as much as we have those who can read. But for us, lets try and give some reason behind graduates failure when it comes to reading after graduating from school.

Why Many College Graduate Stops Reading After College?

I am assuming that you are a college graduate, but that does not stand against anyone as long as you know how to read, you still fall into the group. Let’s find out why so many people fall into the group of those who dislike reading after college.

  1. Unclear vision: One reason that has formed the cloud over many people today is that they have not gotten a  clear vision for their life, that is why they have not been able to realize the importance of reading which is a growth litmus test.
  2. Peer group: By now you should know that it is not only the teens that experience peer pressure, even adult also do; and when it come to reading it is one of the reason that has held many down. I strongly believe that if best friends are good at reading, you will pick an interest in doing same.
  3. Excuse: We all have excuses to give for not doing things that we are expected to do, excuses have formed the defense mechanism of many young graduate and you should know that you cannot become a highly successful entrepreneur by refusing to read after school.


The Importance of Reading?

While we have gone through the reason behind graduates failure to continue reading, I am going to give you my importance from reading because i love reading books and I must confess it has helped me in handling many challenges that has come my way and will still be of help to me in the future.

It is easier to find reading material today than ever, but the following importance of reading has eluded many and this could be one of the reason many entrepreneurs today are failing in their business, simply because they don’t know the where withal to run their business effectively. If you become an avid reader, the following are the experiences that you are going to have and lots more because I honestly can’t give you all the importance of reading. This are the few I can come with….

  1. Mental alertness: What food is to our stomach, excise is to our body so is reading to our brain and mind. When we feed the brain, we become mentally alert and it helps us to have deeper  and quality thinking. Every entrepreneur needs to be mentally alert, for it is your responsibility to think for your business. If you fail to read, you will end up with tools (mindset) that are irrelevant for today’s business world .
  2. Acquisition of knowledge: Knowledge is the fuel  of all enterprise, you cannot succeed in your business without having adequate knowledge. What you were  taught in school can’t be compared to what you are expected to know if you must succeed as an entrepreneur. There is no business without knowledge.
  3. Ability to know the facts : Books are many today than ever for we have paper back and eBooks of all type and sizes, you have the responsibility to filter the facts from the real of the information. Reading will give you the ability to understand what you need from what you don’t need. Fact is what you need and it should be your number one point when ever pick any book to read with the exception of fictional books.
  4. Enhance communication with others: If you can’t communicate as an entrepreneur, then you have a  real hurdle to cross. Reading will help you to have the information that you need to pass across to the others, in fact it will aid your understanding of others.
  5. Helps you to know and easily understand the various opportunity in your environment: Opportunities is always around us, only few have been able to stop this opportunities because they have information that others don’t have. When you don’t read, you will not get to understand the vast opportunities that lies before us today.

Hope you now understand the importance of reading, and I honestly wish that you will start reading today. Before I close, I want you to know that your reading is part of your key to exponential growth in your career and business. Your growth is a key ingredient to your success as an entrepreneur and we strongly enjoined you to either start reading or continuing reading if you have started.

Strive to grow and keep reading and not only read; make your reading intentional and strategically plan your reading  because you can read with out studying the content while you can’t study without reading.

Do you read? How has it helped you so far?

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