ticking-clock1Time is not a commodity, something you pass around like a cake. time is the substance of life. When anyone asks you to give your time, they are really asking for a chunk of your life.”

                                                                  Antoinette Bosco


One fundamental issue that become true to all man is the gravity at which time is been taken. time is a measure of basically all science law and time  equally is what  we use to measure our life here on earth.

some notable truth about time

  • it starts at birth and ends at death
  • it is at equal measure to everyone
  • we define our  activity set with it
  • it never waits for you
  • you cannot ask it to wait
  • your use of it determines who you may be later in life
  • times is the carrier of opportunity
  • the earth is understood by time

Every one seems to have an idea about time but many have not come to grasp the power of time. What your relate your time with today determines who you will become tomorrow. Great leaders and business leaders understand that time is the gas tank of life. You are born with a full tank of gas (time) there are no filling stations and your one fill -up occurred the moment you took our first breath. Time can’t be created outside of your mortal limits. The greatest theft of all humanity is to act as if our time on earth is infinite when it isn’t. The fact facing the young ones today is the wisdom of time usage.


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