The Four Most Used Formats of Blog Contents


Everything that has to do with your online business comes from interaction with your world.

You website/blog is your virtual office where you do business with your customers. For those running complete online businesses, they have no other option that to make their blog great or else it might affect their business activity.

When it comes to real interaction with customers in your online business, the content of your blog becomes your mouth piece. It is the only way that you can communicate with you followers. If you don’t get it right, it will cause your down fall.

When I say content, I mean quality content that you might even be tempted to hide form your readers. The value of your content should be invaluable to your readers.

Advantage of creating good content


This should be your number one goal; lack of trust is a sign that you are not making progress. So you must build the trust of the readers of your blog.

Google’s Blessing:

Today’s number one search engine is in love with contents that are really good and well written with keywords that actually matches the search terms of the person making the search. I know you will feel like a Nobel Prize winner if you find your blog on the number one spot when someone looks for information in your niche. This is the more reason why you should pay close attention to the content of you online business.

External links:

With the high competition in the blogosphere today, you need to make your content highly attractive to those doing business in your niche external linking is a factor that shows you are an authority in your niche.


If you are starting out your online business, the following are the most used content formats on the web today. And it will be great if you consider this formats before you completely decide on the style of you content.

  1. Articles: this is the number one content formats that you will always get attracted to because it is far legendary than the rest of the format. I am writing this because without content you have no business making money online unless you want to go the ways of the small boys.
  2. Images: it has been said over and over that an image can represent a thousand words. Yes this is quite correct, but when it comes running your online business, images will not favor you because people don’t type images on Google when looking for information. So you need to beware of that. On the flip side, images enhance your blog contents and build you blogs credibility.
  3. Video: this is one of the best ways of creating contents for your blog post. And with the advent of YouTube, it is now great that you have videos that will help you explain your post more practically.
  4. Audio: for the audio, it is less common for business purpose unless you are running a music blog or you are an artist or preacher. The reason I belief it is really not needed in your online business is because many people today are rushing to do thing and there a so many options for them to choose from, so just listening to your blog content really may not put them on the hype.

I want to let you know that making money online starts with the word ‘trust’ don’t forget that. Your product should come as second. And building trust takes time and that is where the hard work of blogging lies, but when you are able to build a sustainable trust, it will be easier for you to make money.

To you,

What do you think about the four blog content formats above?

Do you have any other format that needs to be included?

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