The Assertive Entrepreneur

Talk is cheap but being prompt is expensive. So his saying brings us to a crucial need for your entrepreneurship journey. Many people can speak well but few are truly assertive, we hear this from time to time at our work place, among friends, and also at home. So many entrepreneurs would have had better bargain if only they understand what assertiveness is and how they can equally apply it in their negotiation; you can check our post on negotiation.

The reason why assertiveness matters is that it is the key that unlocks success in so many areas of our lives. In the work place it underlines so many of the skill we use in relating to others, such as communication, negotiation and leadership. In personal relationships, it is the best way to solve problems and maneuver our way out of conflict. In us, it is the way to feel good about our lives.

One of the key benefit of assertiveness is that it helps you eliminate the fear and stress which still today are present in many of our life and work relationships, be they demanding bosses, angry customers, or unhelpful colleagues. Fear and stress-based relationship create different forms of flight-fight reactions in us. These can take the form of avoiding people, giving in to them, battling them, bullring them, manipulating them. All these routes lead to unease, disease and ultimate exhaustion. With assertiveness skills, you learn that fear doesn’t have to exist in any relationship you chooses to have, whatever the other person wants. Assertiveness gives you back personal control that allows you to act rather than react and see everyone else that way you see yourself. With love and respect.

Assertiveness is a prime social skill. It may not be as quick at resolving issues as forceful dominance or quite submission. But it is the route to the most healthy and satisfactory of human behaviors.

Points to note:

  1. There are more than 250 ways to define words as assertive, aggression and non-assertion.
  2. One of the results of assertiveness at work is that fears is eliminated and communication is more honest
  3. Assertiveness allows you to stand back from situation that you are involved in.
  4. Assertiveness leads to an increase in respect. That is respect for you and for others.
  5. Assertiveness is a way of looking at that replaces dogmatic certainties with openness and possibilities.
  6. Assertiveness can be applied across a range of situations
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