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Welcome to entrepreneur’s creed,

I want to put a surprise question to you, why are you here? Why did you choose to read this topic? My simple answer is that you want to become a professional blogger, right! Yes. Then you are welcome to the entrepreneur’s creed.

Blogging is no longer a way of keeping journal online as we use to know it in the past. It has become a necessary way and channel many businesses take to keep their customers. In the light of this we have come to have the professional bloggers, the amateur and the newbie.

What has really separated the pro bloggers from the amateur or the newbie? Do you have an answer to that? I know you may think hey they have the technical skill, they have the information, they have the top secretes and they have been around for years than I am. You thought truly have great significance to what the pro bloggers have become.

But I am going to show you the 5 top secret of pro bloggers. This is the secret they really cannot give to you because you must have it if you must success as a blogger. To be frank with you, you cannot do without these top secrets. The best the pro blogger can do for you is to help you walk through this top secrets. In the end of this post you will understand that the word top secrets shouldn’t have been in this post in the first place because these are facts that you already know.

Let’s get to the top secrets that make successful online business thrive even when others are failing.

The 5 Top Secrets of Pro Blogger


The number reason why you will fail is if you don’t have a vision for you blog. Well, those that have fun fare blogs can skip this article. But if you take your blog as a business then it is time to know that you need a vision in order to get you blog to the top of its success, if you don’t have one. What vision does to blog is to give you a template to run your work on you blog. I have really not seen any successful person who those not have a clear vision.

Even with the overcrowded niches you can still come up with a vision that will help you to rise to the top and give you an outstanding business blog.

Lastly, vision helps you to know your difference from other bloggers who are running their online business blog in the same niche with you. Get your vision clear today!


Another factor that separate the amateur, newbie form the pro blogger is their approach to team work. I was once a do it alone type until I fell into the ditch of failure and came out with serious bruises (I hope you understand the picture I am trying to explain).

What has team work got to do with blogging, everything. You need to link to someone who is ahead of you, at you level and also below you because you truly need good traffic to succeed in your online business and if you are alone, it will take you longer time than normal to achieve the success the pro bloggers are enjoying today.


Planning is one of the old advices giving to us by the older people around us. If you don’t plan your blog, you blog will plan you. You will only receive the best of your plan in the name of result. I am not talking about sitting down for w very long time and writing down all you are going to do. My own advice for you is to plan progressively, meaning you can start at every step of you plan and keep making more plans. Life success comes in a zigzag way most of the times.

Understand Their Market

We call it niche when it comes to blogging or online business. The understanding of you market is an important component of your blogging success. The reason is that your planning is supposed to help you to really understand the need of the market and how you are going to meet that need

Understand Their Product

When you understand the market, your next step is to understand the product you are going to sell to the market. It is better to sell what you really know and also have the proof that it will help solve the problem in the market than just wrap something in the name of a product that you really do not believe in just because you want to make money online.

Building trust should be your emblem and your number one goal as an online entrepreneur. When you have trust you can be rest assured that you will become a pro blogger in no time.

I hope this post tells you something about our attitude to business. Here is a piece of the Entrepreneur’s creed. Compare it with the above 5 top secrets and you will certainly understand why the pro bloggers are making the waves.

Do you think I have actually missed something here? Share with us in the comment box below.

I and the readers of this blog want to learn from you.




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