The 10 most lucrative online business niches in Nigeria


The start of a business depends on the niche or type of product that you will be selling.

A lot of new comers to the online business world find it difficult to choose the niche in which they would be pitching their online business.

When I started it was really tough for me to make the choice.

You may ask yourself, what is the most lucrative online business niche today?

Your answer will come shortly if you keep reading this article to the end.

I will not assume that everyone reading this article understand what a niche really is? So in brief I will explain what a niche is.

A niche is a community of people who share the same ideology and interest. It is made up of both your business and your costumers.

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  1. Make money online

The make money online niche is niche that has attracted many people and also it will keep attracting a lot of newbies coming online to start their own online business, the reason is because it somehow creates vibes in most new bloggers

The hit point here about the make money online niche, is that there are lots of unemployment and your ability to help people find something good to do online makes gives you access to this niche.

  1. Health

Health is an important part of life and people are looking for solutions online for some problems that they are passing through

  1. Travel

Do you know that many people are searching the internet for ways and how they can travel abroad?

Starting an information blog on this niche will give you a lot of opportunity to make good business online.

  1. Freelance writing

We have so many areas in writing that you can choose and make good money from. Depending on your interest and passion, you can build great business around your writing skill. For example blogging has a lot to do with writing than even selling any product.

Your skill will give you access into writing books that will help people in some way.

So, take your pen and start writing.

  1. Entertainment

Life expected to be fun; this is the reason why we all crave to be entertained. Building your blog around entertainment give you access to the ready market waiting for you to give the latest information in the entertainment t world. It could be in sport, music etc.

  1. Technological Information:

Most questions typed on the Google’s search engine today have a relationship with technology.

People don’t normally get to know how to use most of the technological tools available to them. This can be your own place of business, because you can give answers to problems of people thereby giving you access to make money by selling anything that truly gives value to your readers.

  1. Relationship

Life is all about relationship. We have all kind of relationship. But the one that I am referring to here is the romantic relationship. This is the area that you can build a business blog around and make good money.

Remember, it is not all about the money; but it is about adding value to people

  1. Inspirational

At some point in a person’s life, we all need some words from others that will encourage us to move on in life. This is the reason why I included it as niches that will give you access to people who are in need some inspiration. What you can sell in this niche depends on you.

  1. Job

This niche explains itself. The rate at which people search for jobs today reveals that it is an opportunity to create an information website/blog that will give the job seekers information about latest jobs.

  1. Fashion

The rate at which people crave for fashion today is a sign that it is and will remain a niche that will make great online business. Why I believe this is because people will keep wearing cloths and fashion is not something that is static, it is always in motion.

What you are going to sell in this niche depends on you.

You can make money in this niche.

Your niche will also determine the extent to which you are going to succeed, I mean in a business sense.

Picking one or two of the above niches is the first step to success, if you work very hard to make it successful. Like I will keep saying to my readers and myself, online business is not an easy business; you only have the freedom of running your business at home or wherever you choose to run your business.

Do you know that the internet present us with a gold mine if opportunity to explore?

Start your own online business today and you will never regret that you did it.

If I did not include your most cherished niche, please do us a favor by sharing with us in the discussion box below.


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