Registering Your Business Name with CAC

business registration in nigeriaThe Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is in charge of registering business names in Nigeria. You can find their offices all over Nigeria especially in the state capitals of most states, so finding the nearest to you should be very simple.

You need to know the basic requirement of  the corporate affair commission before you jump out to register you business, this is because it will help you t save your time and money you can check out the basic requirement for registering your business .

Now tat you know the basic requirement lets get started with the step by step process of registering your business name in Nigeria , are you ready? let go.

Lets get started:

First Step:

  • Walk into any of the branch of the corporate affairs commission offices and ask for ‘name reservation form’  it will cost you Five Hundred Naira (N500) only. The form and a receipt will be given to you. fill in the following information as required by the form reservation form
  • Your full names
  • Your address
  • Your desired business names : you will be required to fill in two name of your choice. this is a precautionary measure to enure that if the first name is not available then second name might be. do your home work by carefully choosing a good business name that you feel have not been registered, just be very creative. If you two chosen name are not available, then you will have to go over the process of name reservation again.
  • The type of bushiness you are about to register

The above process might take 2 weeks from the day of form submission, so do ensure you properly provide the right business names, this is where most people get stuck and delay becomes inevitable due to the none availability of their chosen names.

Step Two:

After you have gone through step one and have come out successfully with an available name for you business, the next step will take your through how to register the business name you have chosen.

go to the  branch of CAC  speak to any of the officers and  a  a form will be given to your with a file to proceed with your business name registration. the required field in the form is as follows

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Local Government Area
  • Passport photographs: ensure you append you name at the back of your passport before stapling it. I guess you should know why you should do that.
  • Your partners details will also be required.

After filling the form you can now submit it for brief verification by the officers at the CAC. At this point you can wait for it to get verified but i would advice that you ask them if you are to wait for the verification process to get done or not, they will tell you.

After successfully passing the verification process, you will be requires to pay the sum of N10000 only. your payment will be accompanied with a receipt and you will be asked to come back in about one week time for your certificate.



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