How to Make Money- Today’s Advice

Ask anyone on the street how can you make money? and you will get as much answer as the number of people living on earth. The phrase “how to make money” has been typed millions on the Google search box, but how often many get disappointed by the quality of some information on the internet today as regard to making money.

I am going to explain in details the foundation of making money, before we get into that, I will want you to stop fighting what is already in your mind as regard to making money, and open your mind to what I am going to tell you as regard to making money.

First and foremost, I must that some folks out there still have the believe that money is evil, if  you still carry this old fable about money, then this post is not for you; I am 100% sure that the love of money is the root of money, not money itself. So, break free from that old belief and lets get on with out discussion on how to make money.

Making money did not start today because many have engaged on the real things that brings money to people. You will quite agree with the agricultural activities did not start today, for it has been in existence as a far as man started life on this earth. I am using this as an example because it is the basic form of work in the old days.

In order to make money, you must obey the principle of giving something in return for money. If you agree with this, you will be able to detect many wild wolves who claim to be money doubler.

But the route of choice of your giving depends on how fast you can make the money you are looking for; from my experience, you can give the following in exchange for money:

  1. Time: When you go through the job route, you are equally giving your time for money. I am not against having a great job as some do advice, all I want you to understand is this, you will have to give-up your time in order to do what you have been assign to do; at the end you get paid for it. This to me is the slowest way of making money because you don’t control the time factor and you not in total control of what you produce in the course of your work. If you have a job, you can also run  the other points that I am going to show you in order to increase you money making capacity.
  2. Product/Service: When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you have decide to make real good money because entrepreneurs are product or service givers, you certainly must have products or services that you are giving in exchange for money. It could be your own product or another company product; equally you can give your service or another company’s service.
  3. Investment: Giving money for exchange of more money. This is when you run investment in company that are giving products or services to people you certainly will get your return back. This is another way to make money.

I would want to start here that your making money speed and quantity has a lot to do with the number of people that you are able to reach with what you are giving out, as you already know, you job can not serve many; therefore it is the slowest money making route that you can follow. While the product and service route is the fasted.

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