How to Plan the Most Important Component of Your Blog

how to plan your blog success

The entrepreneur’s creed is looking at how you can really position yourself for a successful blogging without the massive failure that ends up with many bloggers.

You really need to understand that as a blogger, building your online business; it will be out of point if I tell you that there is no route to real time making money online. The pro bloggers understand this as principle, so also you must take it with all diligence.

Success comes when you put everything in it’ place correctly.

While many bloggers still struggle to make money is because the four main parts the makes up a blogging system is not really included. It is either one is missing or you just don’t give adequate attention to it.

I have discovered that those making money online, are those that have really worked on these four intricate parts of a blog.

So, I will like to say that if you ignore any of these four parts, you will certainly fail in your online business, especially for you going into full time blogging.

But, take this to heart and you will become a pro in the shortest time (I feel your timing is greatly influenced by your level of commitment.)

The four most important components of a bloggers plan


If you have been an ardent reader of this blog, you will understand how I greatly put a lot of emphasis on your blog content. The content of your blog is the central point of that blog.

It is your blog’s content that actually attracts both human and the search engine. One of the big blows to amateur bloggers is that they are not very committed to producing great content to their readers. And for the part of the search engine, you need to understand what the readers are looking for online so that you can greatly position the content of your blog to be picked by the various search engines.


Immediately after writing great content, comes the second most important component of your blogging success, it is your comments. How you manage your comment helps people to know you the more and also creates a relationship with you.

Central to this point is that, your comment will open you to other part of your articles that you did not cover and may also add to your future topics, since comments brings to mind what your readers are actually looking for in your blog.

Email listing

The fact that you are your reader’s comments gives you great opportunity to understand how the reaction of your readers is to your blog post.

But this part is limited in the sense that you can only communicate with your readers when they come on your blog.

If you want to communicate with them directly you need their email list.

Having an email list will greatly give you access to control how the communication can proceed.

What is the importance of email list?

It is your contact book, just as you have you phones contact so also your blogs contact is your email list.


This is that last part that really makes up your making online plan. Without product, you may just forget about blogging to make money.

The truth is that you need to understand what you are going to sell, so that you will be able to channel your blog post to your products.


Lastly, making money online is real and many people are enjoying the benefit of starting an online business, though some people have made themselves ‘the online thieves’, it is important that you follow this four part to making a great plan for your online business.

Should a blogger make a plan before starting out?

What do you think, in your own opening that needs to be included in making great blogging plan?

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