Josh S. Doye

I am Josh S. Doye. I am a digital marketer, freelance writer and content marketer. I had my first degree in chemical engineering and presently working per time on developing my web application project named ‘Quoterra’.

Why Am I Offering You My Freelance Writing Service?

It’s because

  1. I want your business to experience  my ability.
  2. I have deep experience writing optimized article for the web.
  3. I will deliver high quality work within the agreed specified period.
  4. I compare my clients with my bench mark which says it is either perfect or nothing at all.
  5. I want to partner with you in growing your business; the money is not the reason for my work it is just my love for writing and research.

What I Will Do For You?

  1. I will write content on the go with the highest quality you can ever imagine.
  2. I will thoroughly  research your given topic, and write it to the expectation of your audience.
  3. Deliver at the agreed time frame because I dislike not beating deadline even on my blog.
  4. I will optimize your content for Google search result using the best SEO practices, I am an SEO evangelist.
  5. My content will have consolidated effect on your business.
  6. My work will earn you more in the short and long time.
  7. I will thoroughly proofread your work.

What About My Paying Rate?

I hope you won’t be surprise to discover that you will be paying far less for what I am going to deliver to you.¬† But I will like to say that my rate are quite negotiable and very cheap. I only accept articles from $0.05/word to $0.15/word, but remember that it is open for negotiation.

Payment Method

NB: I only receive my payment via Bitcoin (foreign clients only), if you can’t pay through this means please don’t apply. But for Nigerians,you can ask for alternative. I hope you bear with me for now.

How I work

When you contact me (via the contact form below), I will get in contact with you within 10 minutes from there we can go ahead with your project

I am waiting for you now!