Freelance writers must have skills

Freelance writers need skills to become successful in their business. Freelance writers are  expected to have a vast array of skills or else they will jot be able to  get more jobs done.

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I am going to give you my collection of skills that I  think you might need to succeed in you freelance writing business journey. But before we go deeper into their post, I want you to understand by own stand on freelance writing, I strongly advice freelance writers to run their freelance writing service as either a side business or  a full-time business.

When you see your freelance writing service as a business, it will help you to learned the skills that we are going to discuss.

I am writing this post so that you will improve on areas that is lacking , not to make you feel that you are failing or going to fail in the process( for those that are just starting)

Freelance Writers Must Have Skills

Analytical Skills: To me analytical skills is the back bone of freelance writing . You will need to be able to see through clients project. Remember that this skills are something that you are expected to pick along your freelance writing journey. Don’t panic if your don’t have this now.

Business Skills: As a freelance writer, you must see yourself as a business and keep up that status. Developing business skills like: marketing, brand promotion, undertaking your clients needs, and financial management skills. This is not a must have, though I expect to pick some business skills along the way.

Creative Writing Skills: Your creativity is the reason you should call yourself a freelance writer . Be as creative as you can,build you creativity every day. You can only do this by getting into fields that you have less knowledge about.

Reading Skills: Every great writer was and is a great reader. It is an unending journey. You must develop a sound reading habit, it will speed-up your understanding of your clients project concept. The more you read the better your freelance writing business.

Detail Oriented: There is no short cut in freelance writing. Your clients will expect you to do a thorough job on the projects. Quick understanding of all parts of you clients project will increase your credibility. It is you responsibility to do that not theirs and they may never tell you that you need this skill.

Research Skills: You  cannot become a successful freelance writer without a good fist on research. You must hone your skills in finding information with ease and quickly, especially when using the internet.

Negotiation skills: Another valuable skill all freelance writers must do their very best to have is in negotiating with your clients. you will always negotiate, because you are an independent contractor and your clients wants the best for himself while you want the best for yourself too, the only way out is to make good out of the negotiation table. Always work toward striking a win-win result, when you negotiate with your clients. price is the number one thing you will commonly negotiate followed by the time and how far will the project go(scope of the work).

Blogging Skills: How best can you show your clients what you can do, if you don’t have a good proof to show for it. This is where you must be the writer first by starting your own blog and running it with great content. You will become smarter and more creative when you write for people who will not pay you.

The listed skills above can be developed as you learn the ropes of freelance writing. For those starting freelance writing  business you need

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