Four Dangerous Forces That You Must Avoid

four dangerous forces that you must avoid.Are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking for an opportunity to make money? By now, you should understand that making money has a lot to do with having a product for sale in the market place; and so if you don’t have a product yet? Then you should make one or do yourself a favor; go look for a job then plan on making your own product within your own space of time.

If becoming an entrepreneur is your goal, then you are welcome to the entrepreneur’s creed. This article is a must read for you. Life has a turning point for everyone and you as an entrepreneur or would- be entrepreneur is also inclusive. Life’s journey is not a straight road at least for most of us except if you are a child to the wealthiest guys on earth; for it presents us with zigzag path for us to follow.

Even though, we all ultimately want to be successful in business and also in life; we sometimes meet situation that actually negates our expectation. The truth is that the success that we all seek may not come at the time we most wanted it to, which implies that failure might show up instead of success.

Now, let’s look at some forces that we may meet at the tail end of our goal. At the end of every goal it is either you succeed or you fail. I have chosen to make reference to the failure of achieving you goal as an unexpected result (below your expectation). What I am referring to as unexpected event is the result of having a failed goal. The following are some of the forces

  1. Discouragement: This is one of the forces that will rise against you any time you fail (unexpected result) to achieve your goal. It is very important for you to understand that it is normal to feel discouraged because it is this feeling that provides some sign that you are going down, but you must not let discouragement remain for it will get you pressed down. Discouragement asks question as to why didn’t you succeed.
  2. External Criticism: If you have ever experienced failure; you will agree with me that it attracts a lot of criticism from people around you especially those that knew that you are pursuing this particular goal. One thing that I have come to realize is that the root to success is also accompanied by criticism. I see criticism as sign post to success. It all depends on how you see it (it’s personal).
  3. Negative Personal Criticism: After discouragement the next force that sets in is what I refer to as personal criticism. It is an act of trying to evaluate your failure and also relating it with what the external critics are saying. It is dangerous; because you will encourage discouragement which I believe is an accomplice of fear. So do all you can to avoid negative personal criticism?
  4. Fear: The father of all the forces is fear. This is one of the forces that have kept many would-be entrepreneurs from starting out while it has also caused many to quit the business pursuit. Padding yourself against the fear of failure is an important part of your growth as an entrepreneur. If you have the fear of failure (unexpected result), it will be difficult for you to have a head start in your business. You must use faith to conquer fear.

For I am confident to tell you that failure is not what makes people fail, it is their inability to conquer the negative forces that comes with failure.

The next post will focus on how to protect you against the four forces mentioned above.


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