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               “The determinant of determination is your passion

Josh Doye

Every accomplishment and establishment are product of strong determination form the founders and those who run the business. many businesses have lost  companies that lost it’s influence in the market and fail to come back are as a result of the loss of determination. the wildest dream and pursuit of all entreprize is to keep soaring high from one level of success to another; the determinant of this fact is determination

What is cause of loss of determination?

  1. Past success: the greatest challenge to success is your past success. one of the breeders of loss of passion is the relaxation caused by the past success. it doesn’t mean you should not enjoy your success it all mean that that  is not all about success.
  2. Complacency:the state of been still and not moving forward is the root cause of complacency among entrepreneurs today.
  3. Poor leadership:so go the leader, so go the business. if the sight of the vision bearer gets blurred then it will definitely affect the performance of the rest member of the company.
  4. Loss of vision:the principal responsibility of the leader is to shoulder the vision of the business and all entrepreneurs are expected to have a vision of their entrepreneur.
  5. Bureaucracy: the increased code of conduct can in a way contribute to the loss of determination. one common area is in the slow pace of project execution.
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