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content marketingBefore there was a market there has been content marketing, do you disagree with me on this? let me explain, when you tell people  about yourself and what you do what is that? that is content marketing at its basic.

Content marketing is the use of words to create awareness of your business and its products. Even before there was internet there has been content marketing. Today, you need content marketing to grow your business.

Now What is Content Marketing?

It is the use of the different media to interact with your customers, including the potential customers. The use of all forms of communication media to pass information is what content marketing is all about.

The main point here is that you have to tell your customers what they are eager to  know.

Content marketing comes through the following medium

  • Text: This where your website, blogs, and all text related content comes to play.
  • Audio: You also have podcast, audio files etc to communicate with your audience.
  • Video: When you visit YouTube, you will understand why having video will give your business more credibility. today people love seeing videos than reading.
  • Images: You can use images to give a smart and quick information to your customers.

Apart from considering the medium, you need to develop content that your customers are really looking for. With great content you may not stand out and the noise in the content distribution space called the internet will consume your content marketing strategy.

Tools Needed for Content Marketing

In this post I want focus on the internet tools only. Have you ever surf the internet? that means you came across someones content, right? that is what your business must do today to stand the  demand of tomorrow.

Here I will only discuss in brief some of the things that you need to run an effective content marketing.

  • Website: The internet is not just a hollow system, it has to be filled with something and those stuff are websites and application that we are using today. A simple website will help your business a lot because you will be able to educate you customers about your business and its products.
  • Mobile Application: If you can afford it, you can set up mobile app or collaborate with other apps in content distribution. this is because users of the internet are going deeper into the use of mobile devices.
  • Blogs: While its great to have a website, it greater to have a blog because you will use it to gain followers who might end up becoming your customers. Blogs are updated periodically, according to your own set schedule. It is a better way of sharing content.
  • Social Media: Today we are  more connected than ever, this is a opportunity for you to interact with you customers and potential customers. Facebook, LinkedIn,twitter, forums are all there for you.
  • Sending Mails: Email marketing can’t be faced out so soon, I still receive great mails from clients and you also can use it to keep close interaction with your clients. Remember that most people that may be on your email list subscribed cause they like you.

You cannot do with content marketing because customers today are becoming wise and smarter by the day. They are checking out information on products or service before taking the next step. If you fail to market your business through content marketing, you business will still suffer and you are up against many odds.

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Josh S. Doye is a business developer, freelance content marketer. you can contact him for more enquiry via the contact page on this blog.

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