Components of a Business Relationship

The demand on business relationship, is now higher than ever, you cannot not become success today without a good understanding of business relationship.  The phrase ‘business relationship ‘ could be a general term that connote all the factors the you business must relate to, in order to succeed.

business relationship

If you are yet to consider the stance of business relationship , then , my advice you to start it now or else you may face some dare challenges later.

This is focused on giving the list of all the major reason that you should relate with for greater success in business. You can as well say that this is the component of business relationship.

#1 Customer

Your customer must be the first you must address in you business relationship building campaign. If you don’t have a good customer relationship, there is no need thinking about other business relationship components, because it is your customers that brought you into business in the first place.

#2 Advertisers

Every business without advertising plan will certainly remain in the cubicle for long. You certainly cannot run all your ads by yourself, so it is important that you develop business relationship with your advertisers, in this way you will have a longer and enjoyable business ride.

#3 Employees

I hate the word founders, even if I can’t do without it, you know why? because the employees are the ones that run the activities of the business. I am not saying being a founder is not great. Your employee must and should share your vision or else, you will take a bow in you business soon. your business relationship with your employee must be very strong. One other reasonably you should establish a good business relationship with you employee is that the business environment is always shaking and in the times of low ebb, they won’t leave you for your competitors.

#4 Your Family

Family! you may say how does business relationship got to do with my family? yes all, because if you are happy at home. You business will surely reap the reward of your happy family. I am not saying you can’t succeed without a family; rather if you have a happy family, you will certainly be more happier in your business activities. This is the reason why I have included it among the business relationship components.

#5 Suppliers

Can you run your business without needing other businesses? certainly the answer is  a big NO. Your suppliers are one of the core component of your business relationships, because any mishap from them can easily get your business into trouble.

#6 Investors

For the big fishes in the ocean of business, investors are and will continue to be the back bone of your business relationship. You know what i mean by that, investor are the providers of the golden fluid that keeps the business growth and expansion on the up one level so if you are going to really succeed in your business, you must take active responsibility in how you go about your business relationship with your business investor

#7 Relationship With Yourself

That last person that you should relate with is yourself. Why should it be considered as a business relationship components? because you can only go as far as you know that you can go and that has to do with how well you have learned to relate with yourself.

Personally I am still building mine and one thing i have come to understand in the course of running my business. is that if I don’t create time to build such relationship my competitors might hit my business down.

How well have you related with this components?



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