Cheapest Way to Market Your Business

marketingHave you seen any business without a competitor today? there may be some, but sooner or later someone will clone that business. One factor that helps businesses to sustain their brand and position is  their investment in advertising their business.

Now let me come you, how well is you business been advertise?, do you know that potential customers will not look for you, because they have enough choice to choose from.

Your competitor will never care and they are not suppose to care about you if you don’t rise to market your business.

I often see a lot of business being run with poor marketing, only for the owners to close shop at the end of the day with the claim that the business is not viable; while another business owner running the same type of business get more and more customers everyday. How can that be? the answer is found in marketing.

The growth of you business is not dependent on your customers as supposed, it is dependent ton your marketing. If you fail at this, be rest assured that you will not grow, that is if you don’t close chop soon; unless you are the only one running that type of business around you.

Below are ways that you can market your business without costing you much


Referral is just like the online version of paid review, how does this promote your business? when someone speaks about your business to others, often to their friends, it is a way of referring your business to them. I have visited many website on the internet not because I knew them, but through other site i was able to find those businesses. More often, before i take a step to buy a product, my first lookout is to find someone that can give me a referral. Do you often ask people how is this and that produce


Blog is surly the cheapest way to make your marketing moves though it might be time consuming , so you can employ someone to manage that for you if you don’t have the time. Personally, blogging is not only the cheapest way to market your business, it is also another means of generating more revenue for your business

Use of Forums

Forums are not meant for socializing  alone. You can create content that points to your business and services (because many forum boards do not allow direct advertising). Forums provides one of the cheapest way to market your business through your active posting. This also includes the use of social network available to you.

Customers Service

Your customers service is what your loyal customers will likely tell your potential customers. This is where I think many small business are missing out. Strong customer service promotes business faster. Word of mouth can easily be said to be the best form of marketing


Websites are good point of sale in terms of marketing. Sales may not equal marketing but sales cannot be more than marketing,  since I believe that you are not the only one running such business in the world.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs shouldn’t be news to you because it is the bane of today’s internet driven world for the big business. Every successful online business that I have seen so far all run affiliate programs including the largest commercial website (Amazon). If you are running an online business with great product, it is necessary for you to create an affiliate program for you users  to refer your business.

With all this tools available to you, how often have you use it for you business marketing? the reason why I said the above mentioned points are the cheapest way to market your business is that, you can easily start it on your own without the compulsive need of ad agents or other third party ads company. My advice  to you today is this, use the cheapest marketing tools today to market your business.

Have you used any of this marketing tools before, share your experience.


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Josh S. Doye is a business developer, freelance content marketer. you can contact him for more enquiry via the contact page on this blog.

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