changing perspective for the young entrepreneurs

The world is an ever changing place and the vehicle of change is in the center of all entrepreneurs thinking. The basic agreement among all folks ii that change is constant which I quite agree to. But the problem now comes with those making the changes. A lot of ideas is just a pursuit of trying to change one thing or the order making new innovation from the existing one or changing the way things are done to another level that is higher than the one before; all of these points to the word change. Change is more effective when there is a cross boundary between the thinking of the change agent and the environment

How should entrepreneurs handle change?

  1. Embrace it: if you don’t accept a thing you will never know what you can gain from it. Gaining here is talking about what you are going to benefit or what you should ensure you avoid in order keeping your business thriving. Every leader in your business must learn to accept change, or else change will give you surprise blows that may take you while to understand.
  2. Cultivate it: after embracing changes you next responsibility is to cultivate change in your company or business. As an entrepreneur you are an agent of change and so change does not play games with all the entrepreneurs in the world. It is either you are culturally inclined to change or you are put off from making it to the top of your games
  3. Build it: building something is an intention attempt to bring into reality what you think is right and good to be seen around. Change is what every entrepreneur is building when they introduce a dynamic product to the market.
  4. Lead: be the next giant of world changers by leading change in your field.


All of these put forward the power behind the ever increasing changes that is taking place every day. Never assume you have changed enough in your business it is either you stand up today and embraces, cultivate, build and lead change in your business. The fact is that man loves change and as it is your customers loves unique change especially when you keep them in expectation of the change. Looking at the tech world you will notice how they have used the power of change tremendously and also how they have been able to keep their customers in high expectation of the changes that they are enacting. Change can come in from different part of a company, but the major changes today is in the innovation and redesign of products for the consumer.


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