Basic Tools for Your Websites Analysis


Who does not want to see the progress of their work? You want to so also me. Building an online business has a lot to do with how you position yourself in the wildest world market of our time –talking about the internet.

Why do you need to analysis you website/blog?

Analysis helps you to know where you are coming from, where you are today and also where you would like to be tomorrow. The more you subject your site to analysis; you would understand the very thing to do next.

I personally call the website analytical tools as my examiner and i am the student while my website/blog is the answered script.

Google generosity has actually given us access to two important analytical tools

We have the

  1. Google analytics: this is a site analytical tool that will help you to know the condition of your website. It will help you to know how many people have been viewing you site and also the countries where they are from. It is important things that you need to know are also included. You can click here

Below is a screen short of my own Google analytic page

  1. Google webmaster tool: I just recently found this one and believe it’s great. You need it for you website and blog. It helps you to know how surfers have been interacting with your website. One essential tool that I found fascinating with Google webmaster is that the key words used in your website will be display to you and it will show you its level of interaction. Above all you can download the result in a spread sheet format for more analysis. Visit google webmaster tool.

Below is a screen shot of my Google webmaster tool

  1. WordPress seo: this is a plugin that you can use with your wordpress website. It is available for both the self-hosted wordpress user and those using the free wordpress platform. It presents you with an analysis of your website in a histogram format.

Below is a screen short of wordpress seo analytical tool.


Understanding where your online business is very crucial for the future of your business

Do you know any pother free analytical tool that you can recommend?

Use the comment box to add your own tool

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