Unemployment is a major issue facing our society today, with this great challenge comes the need for entrepreneurs to rise and meet the demand of the people by creating business that will become successful and be able to give other people jobs.

This is the backbone of this information portal. I will like you to refer to the vision page for more details.

We write on topics that concerns all entrepreneurs and business owners especially small businesses that needs growth, form short term to long term.

Join us in this journey and let us carry out the task ahead of us though the entrepreneur’ creed portal.

Our credo remains this”we exist to create jobs opportunity for others through the value that we are creating in empowering entrepreneurs and business owners”.

I discovered the quotation called the entrepreneur creed while looking for ways that I can help entrepreneurs achieve success through their business; this has been a burden in my height, hence I decided to start the The Entrepreneur’s Creed because the quotation matched exactly the solution to the burden I was carrying at that time.

It is this solution you are just discovering on this great  entrepreneurs information portal.

We are not just like others, we couldn’t be like others anyway because we have just one vision in mind – creating jobs for the unemployed by helping entrepreneurs to become more successful.

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Thanks for visiting The Entrepreneur’s Creed, we hope you will always come around to know what we are doing.