5+ Top Notch Business Ideas for Programmers

5 top notch ideasIn today’s world, there are more opportunities for many people who really want to become great in their entrepreneur journey. Most often you may not know some good business idea lying fallow in your mind, even with the skills that you possess.

I just want you to read this article to the end because you may have someone who has the skill set to start a good business with the ideas that you are going to learn for this article.

The main reason why this blog was set up is to help you with great information that will propel you into action in your entrepreneurial journey. At entrepreneur’s creed we speak business.

Back to the main point of this article,

What you need to have before you can delve into the business ideas that you will be seeing soon.

You need to have

  1. A computer
  2. Access to electric power
  3. Access to internet
  4. Phone
  5. Email address
  6. A place of shelter (it could be your home or any place you can make your office)

Starting a business is and in many ways easier today thanks to today’s technology, I mentioned earlier that you need some basic tools in order to start the business effectively; coupled with that list is your creative ability in the use of the applications that will help you to create the product that you will want to sell to the market.

I bet you, you are show of getting good market here in Nigeria and also outside the shore of this country, if you decide to stick to one or two of the business ideas.

Here are the 5 + business ideas for you to start with minimum amount of money

  • Themes design for WordPress users

Our number one idea may be known to you already, and also could be new to some, but if you are going into this I will want you to start today. What are themes? This is functional part of every WordPress sites and every user must use.

Isn’t that amazing, there are many people out there who are will to pay you to design a good theme for them. You can also design it and place it on your website for sale your customers.

Skill needed to become a theme creator and making it into business.

You need to have good knowledge of html, CSS, JavaScript and a bit of PHP.

  • Image Slider

This is an online business that has the same root with the theme design. You need the skill set in number one business and also the whole complete tools mentioned above.

  • Graphic Design

Can you start a business with your graphic design skills? Yes and it highly in demand today than ever, you why because people always get tired of seeing the same picture over and over. So, you can start design good graphics and images for use on website and other areas. The use of design suites like adobe and other good photo editor is needed for you to really make good business out of your graphic design skills.

  • Web Design

There are high demands of web designers in Nigeria today. You cannot run out of customers unless you have refused to market yourself to your prospective client.

  • Software

Developing website and application is in serious demand from companies and individual who are interested in creating a particle product for their own market. All you need is a sound knowledge of your preferred programming language and you are good to go.

If you have a knack on programming, you are good to get your hands dirty on creative work that will solve a problem for others. A lot of people have become multi-billionaires in this area. All you need to have is a sound knowledge in some of the programming languages available today; you can choose your own preferred programming language.

  • Blogging

Blogging is becoming a business today more than ever, I know you are not hearing the word blog for the first time; do you know why? Because, you are reading this article from a blog; a lot of people are still confused about blogging .though it takes a while before your blog start gaining momentum (same with other business that are commonly referred to as brick and mortar).

One blogging niche that you can really build your blog and succeed is in finding solution to the technological challenges that people are facing every day.

  • Plugin Creation

I could have added this to the theme creation business but decided to separate it here for business purpose. If you have a good knowledge of some of the programming languages like html, CSS, JavaScript or PHP; you can develop WordPress plugin for WordPress users.

I have decided to name only five of the ideas you can use to start your one business today because I want us to discuss more on that in the comment box below.

Ideas are really numerous but we still find many people losing their way through life is it not time for you to start your one business?


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