5 things you must do during your NYSC camp period


The will always be opportunity for us to make greater decision for our life and success pursuit. One of those opportunities is the NYSC camp period for the graduate awaiting service. The list below suggests some points that are worth thinking about because we at entrepreneur’s creed we care for your success. Therefore let’s take a dive:

  1. Socialize: this point was not placed as number one for just numbering sake, it should be the number target for every youth corper member because it is a period whereby you have the opportunity to meet with other educated people outside your own box of operation and it gives you an avenue to know what other people are thinking since most of the people that are coming together are all converging from different schools and setting.
  2. Learn quickly: time is never on your side and you don’t have all the time to stay in the NYSC camp therefore you need to learn as fast as you can, this may be another form of interaction and it must be an intentional learning so you must become active in the work that will be assign to your group and if you become a leader it might well serve you to try and learn in that position as fast as you can and do not undermine the possibilities that might come with your commitment to learning.
  3. Obey the rules and regulation: rules are ways of making a group of people have good rapport between the leaders and those that are been learn. I am sure you know the rest of the story, if you break their rules; they have their ways of keeping that person under the cane (whatever means that they use).
  4. Build a group: this is one of the important commitments for a sustainable pursuit. What I mean by building a group is that you should develop a vision that you want people who might be interested in the vision to come over and join you or you join theme on the vision’s ship.
  5. Catch fun: all work and no play makes you bored and it is part of life that you spent time and enjoy yourself.


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