3 reasons why you should avoid free blogging platform for your business

A platform is like the land where you are building your shop, in relation to the brick and mortar business it is like a shop but to your online business it is your website or blog where you are running your online business.
It is necessary to know that the internet has made provision for you to build your business on various platforms. Notably we have the free platform for your website and the paid platform. It is your choice of platform that actually makes your business outlook unique and special. Every customer wants to see and feel your uniqueness. The 3 points highlights some reason why you should use the paid platform
1. Your Brand: in the blogosphere the word ‘brand’ translates to the word ‘authority’. You are at risk of running a brand that may not get far if you run your blog or website on a free platform. Free means you didn’t have to pay for anything from the domain name to the hosting, and also you don’t think much about plugins. Your brand is as strong to the extent that people perceive its strength. Some domain name extension Blogspot.com worpress.com and the rest are free platform that you must try by all means to avoid for you internet biz. The reason is simply because your brand may suffer the cost even if in short run you seem to enjoy some level of success.
2. The Prize: starting out, it was with great expectation and fun only for me to meet my first brick wall which was ‘no money was quite coming in even with the effort that I invested into the businesses. But the only thing that kept me was the fact that I have paid money to host this site which means that if I don’t find a way around the problem that I was facing, my investment will tend to zero and I would be at the lost end. So, the pain of the amount of money that I have paid in hosting and also getting connected to the internet got me up and running even to this very day. Assume I started off on a free platform, do you know that quitting would not have been a problem to me? Because as I write this post I have other blogs on the free platform that I have not checked for a while and the sense of loss is not even there. Running your online business on paid platform gives you a sense of responsibility and the pain of losing what you have invested will keep you going. Remember unless you are here to make money that is the only reason why you can boldly use the free platform.
3. Control: I belief one of the reason why many people really want to start their own business is because they want to have some level of control over what they spend their time on. You can easily find out this fact when you here folks saying ‘I want to be my own boss’. This can be true if only you run your website/blog on a paid domain not the free ones. This is because the free domain creates control over your activities which is what most entrepreneurs like me will want to avoid at all cost, I don’t know about you!
Limitation is the hall mark of the free platform and with limitation you no longer have full control over internet biz, you have gotten yourself a virtual job.


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