The  Comparing Factor Between a Shop and your Online Business

shopSince I started my online business, I have come to agree to the cliches that content is king. I will let you do the thinking and since you have the decision to make, you can decide on what to do about your blog content. I started my online business thinking it is a get reach quick type of business until I came to realize that the so called get reach mantra is most likely going to be a mirage for me if I don’t settle down quickly to understand how to build my online business in the right direction with a great future success in mind. To be frank with you, I almost gave up but something kept me. That thing that has kept me is what I am briefly going to share with you in a moment.

Your Business Needs this

You must really understand that you online business is really a synonym to the brick and mortar business and almost the same principles applies to them. But you online business gives you more access to a border-less customer reach than the brick and mortar type of business.

It is because of this fact that I have looked into some factors that you can easily relate with using points from the brick and mortar business that you know.

  1. Your shop is you website/blog: if you still believe that you can expressly succeed as an online entrepreneur without a website or a blog then you must be joking. I am not disputing the fact that you can still make some buck from other means of making your online business. The reason why I strongly believe in you having your own website or blog is because your website or blog serves as your shop. You need a place to do your online business, just as we have shops, offices where the mortar and brick entrepreneur run their business so also you must get your own website or blog.
  2. Your side attraction is you website design and its responsiveness: the design and the beauty of your website/blog can also add to the factor that attracts people to your business
  3. Your content is you conversation with your customers: every business owner understands the power of great communication in business. In fact, communication is the power behind great marketing campaign. So also you need your blog content to have that grandeur and romantic feel to your audience and readers. If you are yet to understand this fact, please get it now, no content customer. It is an integral part of you online business to the extent that you can really not do without it. The reason is not far-fetched, people are looking for solution to a particular problem and one of the primary method that many internet user are into is the use of search engines like Google, yahoo, Msn to make their searches; and this search engines highly demands quality content for the searchers.

So, communicate well through your website content and you will be smiling home.

  1. Your product: just like the factory based product so also you must have an online product to sell. Just because there is another way of making money online (external affiliate marketing without a website) doesn’t stop you from making your own product for your business. Your product is your own and you can boldly say like other great entrepreneur that you have full control over what you have produce. Some of the common product on the internet today includes e-books, audio, video and software. You can choose the one that suites your market and make a tangible product for your market.

You must build your business on a solid foundation that will stand the test of time and will bring you fulfillment in the long run. Have fun in your business.

Good luck to you from TEC

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