12 Basic Tools For Your Freelance Writing Business

12 basic freelance tools

Building your freelance business needs great tools in order to give you real good freedom to work and make the kind of success you so desire?

But, do you really know the basic tools that you need for you freelance business?

The 12 tools below are basic tools that you really need for your success; though you may not use some of the tools for now if you are just starting out.

Remember that you are not just a freelance writer but an entrepreneur.

1. Laptop

Laptop is a necessity for you if you are really going to success as a freelance writer. You can get a good for self.

2. Email:

Your channel of communication must be intact; hence you need a valid and working email address.

3. Phone:

A necessity for your communication with your clients

4. A blog:

This is you marketing tool, most good client will want to see proof of your worth; with a blog you can easily gain more confidence with your client. And if you have a successful blog it will add more spice your success as clients will give their vote of trust without doubt.

5. Basic Knowledge on Some SEO Tools:

I know you don’t need basic knowledge on SEO for your entire project, but if you do it will really boost your ability to understand the interaction between the search engines, internet surfers and the blogs and website on the internet. With a full grasp of this you will really add to your trust tank. Remember, you might do jobs that relate to web content which is why I said earlier running a blog will give you a better chance in understanding how the SEO works.

6. Note Book

Note books are  needed for you offline work

7. Access to the Internet

you cannot run an efficient freelance writing business without connecting to the internet. Why is that so? You are going to work projects that you sometimes have to run some research in order to come up with good content for the books and articles. Let it sink into your mind that you need access to the internet.

8. Business Card

you may think it is not necessary to have you own business card. But, you will have more advantage if you have one because you client might really take you as a professional freelance writer. Though you may not meet one on one with all you clients, I am just saying if there is any need to meet one on one, you should exchange your business cards.

9. Identity Card

The use of identity card comes to play when you are going to meet your client face to face. It really commands respect if you go with your id.

10. Printer:

having a printer is not a necessity, but it will aid you work if you have one. You may need it sometimes. It is a matter of choice.

11. Power Source

you may not border on this if you have constant power supply, but if you are having time sharing in power supply, it might do you good if you have an alternative power supply. The core reason is because you are going to work with deadlines and if you really want to succeed, then you must try by all means to beat the deadlines attached to any project you are handling; that comes to having a good power source.

12. Payment System

how do you receive your payment, If you don’t have a bank account; and for international client, you can use other good payment system to get your money.

Please take note, you may not have the whole list if you are just starting your freelance writing business, but as you start getting really good project, you can upgrade to the level of income.

The list above assumes that you already have a place to use as an office; it could be your home or an actual office.

Treat you freelance writing as a business and you will see great success coming your way.


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Josh S. Doye is a business developer, freelance content marketer. you can contact him for more enquiry via the contact page on this blog.

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