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blog marketing channels.

Hello, dear blogger;

Have you been having a great ride in your blogging business? I am  learning new stuff everyday. Do you know as a business blog you need to understand a bit about marketing? Hence I bring to you  the blog marketing post (this is what i preferred to call theirs post)

I will like to share with you some fundamental facts that I have found rewarding and easy to practice. It is about blog marketing. Do you know that an average blogger does not know how to market his/ her blog?

Well this post is going to show you what blog  marketing is now an essential part  of you blog, and you will get to know also the challenges that many bloggers are facing in the Blogosphere.

But, before I delve into the day’s post let me explain in brief why blog marketing is now an essential part of your blog. You might be a  new blogger or and old one it doesn’t matter where you stand, it is necessary for you to understand why you must do your own blog marketing.

NB: My question to you is this; are you blogging for fun? if yes , then I think you don’t need this post because it is meant for those who are business minded bloggers. Now if you are a business minded blogger, let’s get into business.

Reasons Why Blogs Need Massive Marketing

Now,  lets see why you need to market you blog.

  1. Competition: If it had not been for the competition going own today in the Blogosphere; I would have asked you to just blog without thinking about marketing. But you see, the competitions in the blogging world is gradually becoming stronger by the day. Also, I have come to discover that many bloggers are being pushed aside on daily basis; do you know who those bloggers are? they are does that have failed to market their blog. Don’t do that mistake!.
  2. Surfers Attitude: You may not notice this, but it is a fact that many of the internet surfers are becoming smarter by the day, a lot of internet surfers today want you to bring your blog to their door steps (meaning put it withing their reach). This  implies that you need to rank on the first page of the search engine like Google. How often have you dream to get there? this is one of the reason you need to market you blog.
  3. The Blogosphere is a Dynamic Environment: Due to competition and ease of entrance, everyday someone out there is doing all he can to out smart you and take over your place(i.e if you are on the first page of Google search result). This trend is also couple with the search engine changing the rules of the game. this common occurrence calls for you to understand that you need to get into blog marketing.

now ,lets get to real point why this blog post was written.

10 Top Blog Marketing Channels

The 10 blog marketing channels I am going to show you might be common to you , but how well have you used this tools to your own advantage? While it may be true that you have marketed your blog on most of this channels, it also true that many bloggers are doing it the wrong way. This blog is post will be too long if I am to explain how to use this channels to market your blog (I will write post on soon).

Here are the 10 channels for you blog marketing campaign.

  1. Facebook: The most visited social network in the world today is ‘Facebook’.  The use of Facebook to market you blog is very common among  blogger including myself. But , how to do it is the major challenge facing both the new and old bloggers who are finding it difficult in their blog marketing campaign. For you to understand the power in marketing your blog via Facebook, I would like to ask you  a question;do you understand what the share button means ? I guess your best library is Google.
  2. LinkedIn: Many bloggers know a lot about LinkedIn. but few know how to use it for blog marketing.  Though LinkedIn and Facebook are social network, the environments and visions quite differ; this is why you can’t run this same marketing method on both social network. You first need to understand  the potential audience you are going to market you blog to.
  3. Twitter: Twitter has been with us for a long time now, the common guess is that, many bloggers like you would understand how to use Twitter for your blog marketing. but do you know the shocking facts? Only few understand how to use it.
  4. Google Plus: The giant of all search engine Google have done great job in giving us the bloggers  a marketing platform for our marketing campaign.
  5. forums: While other channels are great social networks, forums is a discussion based place and needs a more different tune in your use of forums to market your blog. There are many forums out there that you can use to market your blog.
  6. Comments: While it may not look like a form of blog marketing, commenting on blogs within your niche has proven to drive traffic and respect to bloggers. My advice to you is this search for blogs that are in you niche and connect with the owner of the blog via comment; and if you can be the first person to drop a  comment with will be a plus.
  7. Guest Post: Over and over i will tel you that success in blogging comes with relationship within the Blogosphere. Though this  might be a bit of a problem to the new blogger, you comments can help you to gain attention by the owner of the blog. Remember, you are working on your blog marketing. Nothing more nothing less.
  8. Write Unique Content: Yes dear friend, this is the most  important of  all the points and channels that i have mentioned because no content , no blog . This is the reason you will commonly hear the phrase ‘content is king’ . Your marketing campaign starts from your blog content. But, the challenge today with writing blog content is with optimization. When you do a good keyword research, it will help you to write great content for the readers and for  the search engine.
  9. Write an eBook: This is my last free blog marketing point, writing an eBook will present you as an authority and you can add links to post on you blog.
  10. Advertise your Blog: While you can run the number one to nine without paying a dime, advertisement will cost you some amount of money. The good side of advertisement is that it will take  a lot of work from your shoulder. Some of the popular way to advertises to use the social networking sites  and other popular websites.

I hope this post has not been too lengthy for you? , my strong belief is that you must be a blogger for caring to reach this last part of the post.

Do you know any any other blog marketing channels that bloggers like use can market our blogs? please share in the comment below.



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